IPAN Airports

One of the most modern applications in the world in the airports area.

Developed by the Institute of Advanced Navigation Research (Teresópolis Headquarters - RJ), a system of information, such as meteorological information - with historical data - was created for all airport users (passengers, commanders, crews, airport workers) , As well as simple information regarding all the flights of the airports of Brazil and the world.

The airports Guarulhos, Congonhas, Brasilia, Tom Jobim, Galeão, Santos Dumont are already part of the system.

With an annual flow of almost 100 million passengers a year, it is the ideal application for the frequent use of airports and for shops that claim to sample their products for this large number of airport users.

In addition, we have the news tabs and announcements that with current news from each city. The cities of Teresópolis, Petrópolis, and Nova Friburgo, which complement the information of the system.

The system may also be used for small airports that are interested in having their information disclosed in real time.


1. Atmosphere;
2. Airports;
3. Warnings;
4. News;
5. Advertisements.

Including new and urgent facts in the airport area that should be passed on to users.

Aplicativo IPAN Masces

The IPAN Masces was created with a focus on various applications

  • Application Information

    The application presents IPAN AIRPORTS weather information measures 24 hours a day, updated every 10 minutes in addition to photos of airport areas covered by the system assisting both the commanders and crew of the aircraft to their destinations as the passenger with information and photographs In real time, in addition to flights.

  • Airports

    They allow large and small airports to communicate directly with their employees, even if the distance, in addition to keeping them informed about New Technologies or information regarding the airports where the system will be.

  • Non-determined recording purposes of an atmosphere

    If you are interested in studying the airport's annual rates and its Atmosphere, the application will yield, after registration, its best applications taking into account that the reading and limits will be given by the IPAN Airports buyer.

Download the IPAN AIRPORTS for your device

  • Weather information updated in real time
  • Historical data found
  • News and information about the IPAN


Weather Information measured

24 hours a day, updated every 10 minutes.

It also allows the user of Ipan Airports to count on a system of Local Civil Defense and or Fire Department, or even Airports Administration.

Objective and bring safety to the entire air and airborne population.

Ipan Airports

Airline Information

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Our Responsibilities.

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